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For i-scan, an overall accuracy of 100% was demonstrated for the detection of marked villous atrophy patterns, whereas the accuracy was 90% for determination of partial villous atrophy or normal villous patterns.


White-light endoscopy revealed pale yellow, shaggy mucosa with intermittent, superficial, erythematous eroded patches of the duodenum, whereas i-scan additionally revealed edematous and engorged duodenal villi filled with a white material representing lymph.


Moreover, concentric rings of the mucosa were visible, which have been identified to be specific for Whipple’s disease in previous studies using optical magni- fication endoscopy with 115-fold magnification.


Another recent multicenter study including eight expert endoscopists assessed interobserver agreement in the visualization of the surfaces and margins of colorectal polyps and in distinguishing neoplastic from non-neoplastic polyps by using i-scan.

合計で400の画像が分析用に保存された。腫瘍性組織と非腫瘍性組織の識別は、工藤のピットパターン分類に基づいて行われ、その際にはパターンIおよびIIが非腫瘍性病変、パターンIII、IV、およびVが腫瘍性病変とされた(IIIおよびIVは腺腫性、 Vは癌腫)。

A total of 400 images were stored for analysis. Distinction between neoplastic and non-neoplastic tissue was based on Kudo’s pit pattern classification, considering patterns I and II as non-neoplastic lesions and patterns III, IV and V as neoplastic lesions (III and IV as adenomatous and V as carcinomas).

全般的に、ピットパターンと境界に関するカッパ一致度はそれぞれ0.370 (P < 0.001) および 0.306 (P < 0.001)であった。腫瘍性と非腫瘍性との差異に関するカッパ一致度は0.446 (P < 0.001)であった。

Overall, there was a kappa agreement of 0.370 (P < 0.001) and 0.306 (P < 0.001) regarding pit pattern and margins, respectively. The kappa agreement for the differentiation between neoplastic and non-neoplastic lesions was 0.446 (P < 0.001).


Accordingly, a good interobserver agreement was observed for the evaluation of neoplastic and non-neoplastic lesions and a less good agreement for the evaluation of pit pattern and margins. The authors concluded that adequate training is required in order to interpret images acquired with the i-scan technique.

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