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Counting Motors as a Barometer of Luxury Cars




The motors used in automobiles are in high demand, and have an abundance of models. Common types include DC motors, brushless motors, stepping motors and vibration motors. They can be found almost anywhere from wipers and power steering to power windows, auto locks and adjustable seats.



The average number of motors used in a single luxury car can exceed 100 units. Considering the trend of pursuing both environmental friendliness and user convenience, electric vehicles and hybrid cars are set to increase the demand for motors.



In addition to cars, an overall increase in environmental awareness and related laws and regulations is encouraging a strong trend towards high performance-low energy motors in manufacturing and home appliances. These conditions have also led to gradual advancement in the capabilities of ferrite magnets. For example, sintered magnets, which are ferrite magnets that have been smelted with small amounts of lanthanum and cobalt, were developed for use in motors that demand torque like the motors of refrigerators and power tools. They have helped improve B-Hmax and Curie temperature.

According to technical material from TDK, these are sold as the wet FB9 Series and the dry FB5D series.

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