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ファナック、旋盤・MCで操作できるファイバーレーザー 7月にも投入

FANUC July Product Release: Fiber Laser That Works With Lathe & Machining Center



The latest innovations from FANUC include a fiber laser oscillator that can be operated using their computer numerical control (CNC) system for machine tools. This will allow laser function to be added to lathes and machining centers (MC). For example, after machining the surface of a work in a lathe, laser processing like engraving words or hardening can be done without removing the product from the machine. The laser function option package for machine tools goes on sale this July, giving a boost to sales of laser oscillators.




FANUC has developed a fiber laser oscillator that works with their Series 30i CNC equipment. A total of 7 models are compatible, varying from 500 W to 6 kW output. The company’s CNC equipment, servo motors and laser oscillators were all developed internally. All the machines were designed to be operated as a unified system, improving control sync and maximizing equipment performance.


Currently, laser oscillators must be operated using laser-specific CNC equipment. The release of an oscillator that works with CNC machine tool equipment makes it possible to simply load a work into FANUC machine tools running on their CNC system and do both lathe and fiber laser finishing in a convenient “one chuck” process, increasing the appeal of their machining products.


A new laser oscillator factory is being built at FANUC’s Mibu site (Mibu, Tochigi Prefecture). After planned operations start in October, it will be capable of producing a total of 400 fiber laser and carbon dioxide laser oscillators each month. The new factory will help accelerate sales by expanding the product catalog and applications in addition to increasing supply capacity.

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