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AI to Watch SNS Posts



「第40回 隅田川花火大会」では、AI(人工知能)がSNSの投稿内容を監視。会場周辺の事故などの情報をリアルタイムで抽出し、警備に役立てるという。

Online posts about the 40th Annual Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival will be monitored using AI (artificial intelligence) technology. Local information like nearby accidents will be relayed in real-time, assisting security measures.



SNSの投稿内容をAI(人工知能)に監視させ、花火大会の警備に役立てる取り組みを、隅田川花火実行委員会とAIベンチャーのSpectee(スペクティ)が7月21日に発表した。29日開催の「第40回 隅田川花火大会」で実施する予定。

An AI (artificial intelligence) experiment to monitor SNS post content to improve security at a fireworks festival was revealed on July 21st in a joint announcement by the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival Planning Committee and Spectee, an AI venture company. The 40th Annual Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival is scheduled for July 29th.




The artificial intelligence program will automatically organize information taken from SNS posts into a visual format. Natural keywords and photos will be analyzed using deep learning to gather real-time information about event area accidents, incidents, traffic and weather. According to Spectee, this will be the first application of using AI to process SNS posts to aid security measures for a fireworks festival in Japan.




 Spectee currently offers a real-time SNS post content analysis service aimed at news outlets. A plan was developed to apply the same technology to event security. This objective matched with the needs of the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival Planning Committee, who was searching for a way to fill in the gaps that security staff couldn’t reach, and this new project was put into action.

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