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A structured project approach, combined with the correct use of the best tools available in the industry today, will help organizations that are investigating, testing, migrating and using virtualized desktop environments to design, build and manage well-performing centralized desktop infrastructures at the lowest cost possible.

Many tools are available to help. They can help make better decisions during the project phases, and to help to keep out of trouble, during the resulting production phases. But which ones to choose, and when to best use them?

It’s important to keep results from previous tests and configurations to use in comparing performance to compare measurements and determine if there’s value in implementing the change.


With the results of tests before and after the change has been implemented, the next step is to decide whether to deploy the configuration change into the production environment.

Other changes, like excluding files in the base image from antivirus scans, may significantly increase density.


If the tests indicate that the change will result in improved performance or density, the decision to deploy is an easy one.

While these can indicate how much load the host hardware is under, there’s not a direct correlation between hardware load and end user experience.

For example, monitoring might report that CPU is at 100%, but users currently on the system may not be seeing an impact in their usage.

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