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​英訳サンプル:    ​ 


Logotypes of official company names, as well as all-purpose company name logotypes, are specifically designed to harmonize with other design elements. Horizontal and vertical layouts in Japanese and English version are available.

Logotypes of official company names should be re-produced through the use of digital data.


Isolation guidelines are set in consideration of the relationship to other design elements. This rule does not apply for display designs such as signs with limited space or cases that are specially designed according to an items’ individual characteristics.


Generally, display color should be Black (K100%), or solid printing (100%) when printed in single color display setting. Reversed display may also be permitted, depending on the background color.


Other substitute fonts may also be used in cases where the designated Japanese or English fonts cannot be obtained.

Adjust the size of selected official company name logotype (English) accordingly with the purpose of usage. Adjust the width and length of the arrow line to the best balance with the display size of corporate signature.


Utilize digital data re-producing the corporate signatures indicated here, and use color samples to ensure that the colors are as similar to the basic display colors as possible.


These combination patterns show the most basic display methods applied to various items. Use these combination patterns for reference when determining the right display positions according to an item’s purpose or available space.


Do not combine any other elements other than the brand logotype with the arrow mark.


Do not place other ostentatious elements nearby, even if outside the area of isolation.


When displayed in single color, do not use improper colors (yellow, light or fluorescent colors) or colors that are low in visibility.


Do not display on a background color that contrasts poorly with the basic display colors.

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