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<Mobile Rates> AU’s New Plan Offers Budget Rate for Smart Phones


AU has introduced two new rate plans. Users who qualify can expect a standard set rate as low as 1980 yen. However, not just anyone can get this rate - strict conditions must be met. Mobile phone journalist Junya Ishino explains the tricks to qualify. (Mainichi Newspaper Business Premier)


 The new plans are the “AU Pitatto Plan,” which changes rate according to five levels of data use, and the “AU Flat Plan” which offers 20GB or 30GB of data at a set price.

 The Pitatto Plan’s main feature is a price that starts at 1980 yen/month for 1GB. Users must also have the “AU Smart Value” discount for a fixed-line phone contract and open a new account for an android phone or buy a new phone handset within the campaign period… only then can they get a rate close to Softbank’s sub-brand, Y! Mobile[h1] . The price is also comparable to the budget smartphones offered by UQ Mobile, which is run by KDDI’s subsidiary, UQ Communications.


 The price of AU’s Pitatto Plan also varies by voice call package. Users who want the 1980 yen rate must have the per-use rate Simple plan or the 5-minute Super Kakeho plan. Minimum prices rise to 2980 yen with the flat-rate unlimited Kakeho plan.



 ◇ Be warned - It may actually become more expensive if you’re not careful.

 However, the 1980 or 2980 yen price is only available for the 1st year of the contract. It will go up by 1000 yen after the campaign ends, making the minimum total 2980 or 3980 yen. And for users without the Smart Value discount, the price goes up another 500 or 1000 yen.



 The Simple plan doesn’t have a voice call package, so the 1GB rate will still start at 2980 even without this campaign or an AU Smart Value discount, but users need to keep in mind that contract clauses and other miscellaneous service fees may add up to as much as 2000 yen extra.

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