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Japan Tourism Agency to Offer Subsidies for Hotels to Improve Accommodation for Foreign Visitors



The Japan Tourism Agency announced on June 28th that its 2017 budget includes subsidies for hotels to make improvements in accommodation to support foreign visitors. This program aims to increase amenities that show an understanding of the needs of foreign guests, including hotel LAN (Wi-Fi) networks and Western style sit-down toilets. Submissions must be made by July 31. This is the 4th stage of a project that began with the 2003 supplementary budget.


 The project’s official name is the Act on Development of Hotels for Inbound Tourists (Subsidies for Urgent Measures to Improve Accommodation of Foreign Tourists in Japan).


 Five or more managers of hotels, ryokans and other lodging facilities must form a council to write and submit a “Plan to Expand Amenities to Accommodate Foreign Guests in Japan” that outlines goals concerning the number of foreign hotel guests and occupancy rates. Each business will be awarded a subsidy of 1/3 the cost, up to 1,000,000 yen.


 Examples of measures eligible for subsidy include (1) installation of Wi-Fi network in common areas, (2) sit-down toilets in common areas, (3) multilingual company websites, (4) updating equipment to receive international TV channels in common areas, (5) multilingual signage in common areas and (6) removal of steps, ledges and uneven floors in common areas. Improvements made to guest rooms are not eligible for this year’s subsidy.

 Hotel managers that previously received subsidies for the same project are not eligible.

 Please check the Japan Tourism Agency’s website for details about how to apply.


 This project has been implemented 3 times previously: in the 2003 supplementary budget, the 2004 initial budget, and the 2004 supplementary budget. The previous 3 implementations provided subsidies to 318 councils, totaling 2397 businesses.

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