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  The built-in vise is an all-purpose fixture system that focuses on maximizing the machining work area by merging[h9]  the machine vise with the sub-table. Looking for a way to maximize internal machining space, collaborative development with Nabeya began in November 2016. We started with the standard arrangement of a vise placed on a table, and tried a new idea of integrating the table itself with a vise. Machining work area was increased by 1.6 times on the Z axis, and total volume was expanded 2.7 times, achieving improvement of both safety and accuracy of heavy cutting that requires the work to be fixed in a sunken grip.



  Unit weight was also reduced to 10kg, less than 1/8 the weight of older methods. This operator-friendly design makes it easier to handle during set-up. The movable and fixed parts of the vise are separated, and the table has integrated orthogonal T-slots, making this ideal for light-to-medium processing box and plate works. Mix and match option parts to help maximize the efficiency of highly variable low-volume production.



● Standard Specifications
 ① Works can be clamped by vise. (Clamping handle included.)
 ② Structure prevents works from rising up.
 ③ Parts can be repositioned to align works along X-axis or Y-axis.
 ④ Just like standard vises, these vises can be connected in parallel. (Suitable for long works.)


● Riser Specifications
 Use this option part to expand your range of potential production.
 ① Raise works 50mm.
 ② A variety of jaw plates can be used to match thin or irregular works.
 ③ Hold down the work from above (Z-axis).
 ④ Ideal for drilling holes in thin works.


Sales are expected to reach 100 sets per year.
Catalog price the for Standard Set is 640,000 yen (excluding tax).

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